H-1B Visa Cap Petition Filings

During a USCIS Stockholder Meeting on April 5, 2012, USCIS announced that as of April 4, 2012, USCIS had received 22,323 H-1B visa petitions. Of these, approximately one third of the petitions were under the U.S. Master’s degree category (20,000 per year limit). The rest of the petitions (approximately two thirds) were filed under the regular H-1B cap visa category (65,000 per year limit). 25% of all petitions were filed with the request for Premium Processing.
This indicates that the caps will not be reached in the first five days of filing – thus no need of lottery.  Although approximately twice as many cases were filed compared to  last year, the caps should not be reached for a number of months, but definitely much sooner than last year, when the cap was reached just before Thanksgiving.
Thursday, April 5th, 2012 at 14:33
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